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My Brother Is on Drugs, Help Me Identify What Drugs?

Question by miss. diva: my brother is on drugs, help me identify what drugs?
my brother has been into cocaine b-4 also had been useing marajuna 2 a while, he also is an acholic….

he is on something new and i need help finding out what new drug he is… Continue reading

A Friend Snorted Cocaine Last Night and Now One Eye Is Smaller Than the Other, It Looks Pushed Back. Why?

Question by Lee D: A friend snorted cocaine last night and now one eye is smaller than the other, it looks pushed back. Why?

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Answer by Give Me a HUG!
you probably snorted it too and haven’t recovered yet. Or if he’s saying that then he’s the one… Continue reading

What Is an Intervention? What Is an Intervention Specialist?, Northbound Treatment Services

What is an Intervention? What is an Intervention Specialist?, Northbound Treatment Services — What is an Intervention? What is an Intervention Specialist? If you have a loved one suffering from addiction, call today to discuss treatment options http:/…

Hand-Held Treatment for Overdoses Is Approved
In September, the F.D.A. changed labeling… Continue reading

Drug Rehab at Jail to Be Reviewed

Drug rehab at jail to be reviewed
Gail Houk, director of forensic services at Alternative Paths — Medina County's main drug treatment agency — said the Greene County program has a 60 percent success rate, tracking its cases for a year after release. It has no information beyond one year.… Continue reading

Rob Ford: “I Do Not Use Crack Cocaine”

Rob Ford: “I Do Not Use Crack Cocaine”

Recovering heroin addict starting over — at age 21
In many ways, Cody Lewis represents the changing face of heroin in America. He is in 20s, lives in the suburbs and graduated to heroin after years of getting high with other… Continue reading

Heroin Use Taking a Toll on Pennsylvania

Heroin use taking a toll on Pennsylvania
THE RESPONSE: Bills are pending in the Legislature to establish a prescription drug database to track opiates and discourage doctor and pharmacist shopping; to give police, firefighters and family members access to the heroin-overdose antidote naloxone …
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At 21, Recovering Heroin Addict Starts Over (Heroin in the US)

At 21, recovering heroin addict starts over (Heroin in the US)
About a month after his release from a court-ordered 8½-month residential treatment program, Cody reverted to his old ways. "I just gave in when I got out," he says. "You can learn every trick in the book to prevent… Continue reading

Heroin Addiction, Need for Mental Health Services Often Intertwined

Heroin addiction, need for mental health services often intertwined
His fatal February overdose shined a light on shortcomings in long-term addiction plans. (Cory Shaffer, Northeast Ohio … View/Post Comments. CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland man who ingested a lethal dose of heroin and cocaine in February committed …
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Aurora Heroin Addict Starts Over

Aurora heroin addict starts over
When Lewis snorted his first line at age 18, he'd already used almost every imaginable drug: Marijuana. Cocaine. LSD. Ecstasy. Mushrooms. Pills. Heroin, though, was much more seductive. "It was just like someone had wrapped me in a blanket," he recalls …
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Barbieri Calls for Greater Awareness of Heroin Addiction, Collaboration With

Barbieri calls for greater awareness of heroin addiction, collaboration with
Incoming Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri calls for greater awareness of heroin addiction, collaboration with treatment providers … Though referring to the increased use of heroin as an "epidemic," Barbieri said he doesn't consider it as …
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