increased blood pressure

What Effects Does Cocaine Have on the Body?

Question by : What effects does cocaine have on the body?
I have always wondered about it. I have read somewhere that it enhances your personality. How does it enhance your personality? Also what if your an asshole?

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Answer by daisythecow
Short-term cocaine effects include:
Increased… Continue reading

Can Cocaine Mess Up You Vision ?

Question by TATATA: Can cocaine mess up you vision ?
(eye) vision

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Answer by ØL?stW?it?s²™
The short-term effects of cocaine will be noticed right away which can cause serious body damage and in some cases lead to death. They are:

Increased body temperature
Dilated pupils
Constricted… Continue reading

Hat Are the Signs or Steps of Addiction?

Question by Courtney: hat are the signs or steps of addiction?
What are the signs or steps of addiction to cocaine?

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Answer by sasu
Hello ,

* Common physical signs include ( but not limited to ) :
– Red , bloodshot eyes .
– Weight… Continue reading

Any Experts on Cocaine Side Effects???

Question by catholicskoolgrl101: Any experts on Cocaine side effects???
Im not savvy at all when it comes to drugs. I suspect someone close to me is abusing this substance. I believe their family is working in the intervention.

They appear to have all fo the signs and symptoms.… Continue reading


Question by reallyjustme15: Cocaine….???
What does coke do to you? My boyfriend wont tell me the effects or all the bad things that will happen to you. Only answer if it is all facts. or from personal experience please.

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Answer by Ocean A
Cocaine Effects
Cocaine effects are… Continue reading

Cocaine’s Efffect????

benefits of cocaine use
by slö

Question by Alessandra: cocaine’s efffect????
does cocaine make u lose weight and wats the risks of it and wats the benefits of using it

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Answer by kingajs2010
well if your smart there is no benefits of it unless you wanna be stupid

Answer by heather j… Continue reading

What Are the Bad Effects of Tobacco, Cocaine, Drugs?

Question by carmeLa: what are the bad effects of tobacco, cocaine, drugs?
please answer co’z i need it for my health subject

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Answer by Ryan

Cocaine is a potent central nervous system stimulant. Its effects can last from 20 minutes to several hours, depending… Continue reading

What Can You Tell Me About Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Alice in Wonderland: what can you tell me about cocaine addiction?
I guess I grew up fairly sheltered because I know close to nothing about drug addiction. I know that drugs are bad and that they almost always destroy your life in one way or another… Continue reading

How Does the Drug Cocaine Make You Feel?

Question by Indigo: How does the drug cocaine make you feel?
I am a writer and have started a new story. My main character has gotten herself hooked on cocaine and blah blah blah. Instead of reading what the long term effects are for cocaine (which is all I can… Continue reading