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How Much Cocaine Is Too Much?

Question by Mike: How much cocaine is too much?
In your opinion, how much cocaine in one night/sitting is doing too much? For example if a new user of cocaine snorted 3 grams in 2 hours, is that a lot? Tell me what binging on cocaine does to your body… Continue reading

Live Webcam of Budge Drive Slide in Jackson; Sudden Movement Raises Alarm

Live webcam of Budge Drive slide in Jackson; sudden movement raises alarm
Friday morning, a crack that ran beneath one house vacant for the past year shifted downward several feet and split the structure in two, the Jackson Hole News & Guide reported. Inside the home, floor planks have… Continue reading

Cure for Opiate Withdrawal Using Coke!?

Question by Robbie Young: Cure for opiate withdrawal using coke!?
theres a link for a study done showing cocaine can reduce opiate withdrawal significantly. Anyone do this before or have any info on it?

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Answer by canada_winnipeg_man
Opiate withdrawal is treated in several ways. Opiates include prescribed… Continue reading

Pharmacists Are Often on the Front Line Against Prescription Drug Abuse

Pharmacists are often on the front line against prescription drug abuse
“And yet it was killing more Montanans every year than cocaine, heroin, meth and traffic deaths combined.” Bullock cited the case of a 24-year-old opiate addict who obtained prescriptions from 255 doctors in seven communities in an 832-mile circuit.… Continue reading

NJ Task Force Releases Report on Heroin, Opiate Addiction; Reforms Could Begin

NJ task force releases report on heroin, opiate addiction; reforms could begin
It also called for reforms to insurance policies and the construction of additional rehabilitation facilities, especially those designed for high school and college students. The release of the report was praised by the parents of addicts who… Continue reading

Hoffman, 46, Was Found Dead on February 2 in His $10000-a-Month West Village

Hoffman, 46, was found dead on February 2 in his 000-a-month West Village
O'Connor made her announcement on the same day that it was announced that her son's death was caused by an acute mixed drug intoxication of heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamine. Police outside the … Hoffman's tragic… Continue reading

My Son Has a Cocaine Addiction. I Don’t Know What to Do Anymore.?

Question by Camille H: My son has a cocaine addiction. I don’t know what to do anymore.?
These past 2 years have been a mess. I found out my 16 year old son had been experimenting with cocaine when we got a call from the emergency room saying… Continue reading

Crown Asks Judge to Jail Addict Who Binged While Her Children Wallowed in Squalor

Crown asks judge to jail addict who binged while her children wallowed in squalor
And just weeks ago, said Tansey, she tested positive for cocaine during a random drug test. She had previously told the court she had stopped using. “She has a criminal record … Defence lawyer Gilbert said… Continue reading

Good Future Rehab Center-

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Opiate abuse may be up, but overdose deaths are flat
Peter Shumlin highlighted the opiate addiction crisis in… Continue reading

Is Anyone Familiar With Ibogaine as a Treatment for Drug Addiction?

Question by salinger: Is anyone familiar with Ibogaine as a treatment for drug addiction?
My best friend is in a reputable drug rehab for a cocaine addiction and is wanting to leave to check herself into a rehab in Mexico that uses Ibogaine.

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Answer by G. B.
Yeah,… Continue reading