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Dishing With a Takedown Artist

Dishing With a Takedown Artist
We all do it, all the time. The drug dealer in college who got straight A's because he was cool; the hot French guy in our 20s who dressed really well but was really stupid, the young woman with the huge boobs because it makes… Continue reading

United Arab Emirates Police Accused of Torturing Two Britons After Drugs Arrest

United Arab Emirates police accused of torturing two Britons after drugs arrest
A study by Reprieve last year, based on interviews with prisoners in Dubai Central Jail, found that more than three-quarters claimed they had suffered physical abuse after their arrest. In addition, 85% said they had been forced to… Continue reading

Casual Marijuana Use Linked to Brain Changes

Casual marijuana use linked to brain changes
Using marijuana a few times a week is enough to physically alter critical brain structures, according to a new study published Tuesday in The Journal of Neuroscience. "Just casual use … Gregory Gerdeman, a biologist and neuropharmacologist at Eckerd …
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AIDS Patients Flock to Obamacare

AIDS Patients Flock to Obamacare
Early drug claims suggest exchange plan enrollees are sicker than average, but experts say it's too early to draw conclusions about the impact on premiums. Offering a first glimpse of the health care needs of Americans who bought coverage through …
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Both Police Chief Finalists Have Big Hand in the Department's 'Madison Way'

Both police chief finalists have big hand in the department's 'Madison way'
But those residents had Gloede's ear, and he worked with them to put up — and enforce — “No Trespassing” signs in the area and install better lighting around apartments where drug dealers worked in the shadows, McCaw… Continue reading

Public Housing Resident Faces Eviction for Smoking in Belleville Apartment

Public housing resident faces eviction for smoking in Belleville apartment
Brawley said he began smoking when he was 14 and efforts to quit the habit in the past caused withdrawal symptoms, such as chest pains and gaining 30 pounds in weight. … "Nicotine addiction is as addicting as cocaine or… Continue reading

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Oxycodone addiction treatment — Oxycodone addiction treatment | Addiction Blog If you are addicted to oxycodone and …

“Even when she was drinking, nothing changed.”
In his late teens and early twenties, Jerry used drugs, became physically dependent on alcohol, bounced in and out of support-group meetings. One day,… Continue reading

Crack Cocaine Use-What Are the Signs?

Question by nacho c: Crack Cocaine Use-What are the signs?
I have a specific reason why I am asking about this specific drug’s signs….anyone with experience/knowledge of an actual person who has/is using….what physical signs, behavior changes,… Continue reading

Is There an Addictive Street Drug That Doesn’t Have Obvious Visible Side Effects?

Question by ???? [?~?? f?????~?]: Is there an addictive street drug that doesn’t have obvious visible side effects?
For example, after using meth for a long time, the user loses teeth, develops sores, etc. Is there a heavy street drug, or any type of addictive drug, that has no visible… Continue reading

The Drugging of the American Boy

The Drugging of the American Boy
If you have a son who has been diagnosed, it's more than likely that he has been prescribed a stimulant—the most famous brand names are Ritalin and Adderall; newer ones include Vyvanse and Concerta—to deal with the symptoms of that psychiatric …
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