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Shocking Video Shows the Devastating Physical Toll Drugs Take

Shocking video shows the devastating physical toll drugs take
The photographs show American users of cocaine, heroin, oxy-codone and crystal meth in various stages of addiction. The before shots all show healthy-looking individuals prior to their becoming … will see number continue to rise. The mug shots show …
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Cure for Opiate Withdrawal Using Coke!?

Question by Robbie Young: Cure for opiate withdrawal using coke!?
theres a link for a study done showing cocaine can reduce opiate withdrawal significantly. Anyone do this before or have any info on it?

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Answer by canada_winnipeg_man
Opiate withdrawal is treated in several ways. Opiates include prescribed… Continue reading

What Are the Effects of Cocaine? (Read Details)?

Question by heartsandstars: What are the effects of cocaine? (Read details)?
My boyfriend and I are going through a rough patch (long story) and we broke up then today, 3 days later, we talked and he’d been doing coke all day for the last 3 days. We were talking on… Continue reading

Celebrities and Adderall Abuse

Celebrities And Adderall Abuse
It can also be used to treat the sleeping disorder narcolepsy. In individuals without ADHD Adderall has several effects that make it a very highly sought after drug for many addicts. Using Adderall leads to rapid and continual weight loss, increases …
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^@}{;\ Cialis Online Nz

^@}{;\ Cialis online nz
Foreign Pharmacies Its illegal for Americans to order drugs from any pharmacy located outside the United States, an expert conducting trials for the drug in WashingtonYou want your effects to be good but not too good ? There was a lot of discussion …
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Can Cocaine Use Raise Blood Pressure Permanently?

Question by buford blue: Can cocaine use raise blood pressure permanently?

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Answer by Brian
Long term cocaine effects are noticeable as cocaine abuse continues and tolerance builds. Since cocaine is a highly addictive drug, it can lead to major medical complications and health problems. Some of… Continue reading

Health Educators Answer Substance Abuse Alcohol Poisoning

Health Educators Answer substance abuse alcohol poisoning — Alcohol poisoning is caused by heavy intoxication that results in difficulty breathing, swallowing and difficulty in managing the gag reflex. Learn how alcoh…

Bath salts–what's in a name?
Your body: The physical effects to your body can be dangerous and deadly. …… Continue reading

Physical Symptoms After a Cocaine Binge?

Question by Hiii it’s Emma: Physical symptoms after a cocaine binge?
Last Friday a friend of mine did almost a gram of cocaine by himself. Now he’s complaining about pains and cramps on the right side of his torso and when I feel it it’s almost like his organs are… Continue reading

How Substance Use Disorders Affect Physical Health

How Substance Use Disorders Affect Physical Health — This webinar will define the continuum of substance use disorders, define the risk levels associated with various stages of use, examine the general and spec…

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Addiction Recovery — Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Resources

Addiction Recovery — Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Resources — Addiction Recovery — Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Resources Addiction Recovery – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Resources Imagine a parent playing out…

Albany doctor found dead had 'intra-oral' gunshot wound
During a search of Atwood's Huntington Drive residence, officers… Continue reading