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Baby Aged 22 Months Shaken to Death by His Mum's Cocaine Addict Boyfriend

Baby aged 22 months shaken to death by his mum's cocaine addict boyfriend
Lewis then attacked Kieran again in his bedroom three weeks later – causing a massive brain injury that killed him. The cocaine addict, who had never been in trouble with the police, admitted manslaughter and inflicting grievous… Continue reading

Enjoy More by Buying Less – It's Easier Than You Think

Enjoy more by buying less – it's easier than you think
We get this cocaine high from buying something. But it doesn't last far past the parking lot." Millburn's feelings on the matter nearly match scientific results on the subject of money and shopping, as shown most recently by research… Continue reading

Is Caffeine Addicting?

Question by Cosmos: Is Caffeine Addicting?
I feel it is more habit that addiction. How do you feel?

Best answer:

Answer by Ashley
yess. coffee is addicting when it has caffeine

Answer by Maggie
Well since caffeine is a drug it can be addictive.

New Website For Dr.… Continue reading

Coca-Cola Accused of Cocaine Reference in Diet Coke Ads – Nashville Business Journal

Coca-Cola accused of cocaine reference in Diet Coke ads – Nashville Business Journal
Coca-Cola accused of cocaine reference in Diet Coke ads
Nashville Business Journal
In its earliest days, Coca-Cola actually contained cocaine. The Huffington Post notes that the new ads, created by Manhattan-based agency Droga5, have gained… Continue reading

Am I Actually a Cocaine Addict?

Question by Miguel: Am I actually a cocaine addict?
I am a 19-year old guy, and I just started college a little while ago.

I have a chemistry class with someone who sells cocaine. I’ve been snorting in for the last couple of weeks, and I love the feelings it… Continue reading

The 6-State Solution – and Other Fanciful Notions

The 6-state solution – and other fanciful notions
The next time you're tempted to sign a petition for an initiative outside the entrance to your local grocery store … stop. Read it. The text might be very different, or at least way more complicated, than the quick pitch you just… Continue reading

David Crosby Averts Heart Attack With Emergency Surgery, Postpones Concert

David Crosby Averts Heart Attack With Emergency Surgery, Postpones Concert
Beloved folk rocker David Crosby, 72, underwent emergency heart surgery Friday to correct a blocked artery, and though he's expected to make a full recovery he has had to postpone tour dates he had scheduled in San Francisco and… Continue reading

Coke Sign

Coke Sign — Coke sign San Francisco.

Local briefs 2/12/2014
10, 2009, Rose possessed less than five grams of crack cocaine with the intent to distribute it. On the same date, Rose unlawfully possessed a revolver, prosecutors said. … Somerset Hospital public relations coordinator Sarah Deist, who also is a… Continue reading

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Demons Revealed in Diaries

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Demons Revealed in Diaries
Hoffman penned his experiences with drug deals, and even while in rehab for his admitted heroin addiction. NBC reports that the hand-written entries make reference to drug deals, to the actor's struggle with his “demons,” and his Narcotics Anonymous …
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What Are the Dangers/benefits of Cocaine, and How Much Is Too Much?

Question by .: What are the dangers/benefits of cocaine, and how much is too much?

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Steel
you can never have too much cocaine

Answer by Daniel
I’ve only done it a few times, but here’s what I know about it:

-You don’t eat… Continue reading