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What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Mera: What are the signs of cocaine addiction?

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Answer by Alex
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What Can I Do to Relieve My Withdrawal Symptoms From Pot?

Question by baldo: What can I do to relieve my withdrawal symptoms from pot?
Well first of all i’ve been a pot head for over two years it started slow and it went gradually worse. Now I smoke several times a day and it’s becoming a hassle for me… Continue reading

Too Many Deaths Make Things sound….OFF!?

Question by : Too many deaths make things sound….OFF!?
DJ Screw died of a heart attack on Nov 16, 2000. His cause of death was rumoured to be either a codeine overdose,or the result of long-term buildup of promethazine as a result of chronic sizzurp abuse”

“Fat Pat was shot… Continue reading

I Think My Girlfriend May Be Becoming a Cocaine Addict, Advice?

Question by : I think my girlfriend may be becoming a cocaine addict, advice?
I’ve been with my girlfriend for 5 years now, our life was going well, we were planning moving out together and starting a family, marriage. We were growing up (we’re 23 by the way, both of… Continue reading

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine: Cocaine Warning Signs

This is another in a series of articles outlining the symptoms and signs of abuse of and addiction to various dangerous drugs, both legal and illegal.

First, a little about cocaine:

Cocaine abuse and cocaine addiction is not a new problem in most of the world. Cocaine was first used… Continue reading

Struggling With Drug Addiction and in Desperate Need of Help! Please Help!!?

Question by serena: Struggling with drug addiction and in desperate need of help! Please help!!?
I have been struggling with a drug addiction for over a year now. It all started with marijuana which led to ecstasy which led to pain meds which led to cocaine. Before drugs, I… Continue reading

Recovering Cocaine Addicts: Nightmare of a Cocaine Addict

When someone starts using cocaine they often do it for the thrill. Not knowing the consequences of the nightmare which comes later. The desire to get high, but knowing it will mess up your life if you get caught. The brain crying for another high, and simultaneously telling you that… Continue reading

How to Tell if Someone Is Addicted to Drugs (Pain Killers, Cocaine, and Nerve Pills)?

Question by ??’? ??? g??? ???? ??? ??z??: How to tell if someone is addicted to drugs (Pain Killers, Cocaine, and Nerve Pills)?
What are the “symptoms” of an addict? I’m not asking how to tell if someone is using them. It’s obvious that the person snorts them daily.… Continue reading

Is Crack Cocaine Physically Addicting?

Question by marilyn d: Is crack cocaine physically addicting?
I’ve heard of “crack addicted” babies born of mothers who used the drug. But I thought cocaine did not cause an actual physical addiction. I didn’t think abruptly stopping it’s use would cause physical withdrawel. I know exhaustion results when… Continue reading

Symptoms of Cocaine Addicts: Cocaine Rehab

Individuals with an addiction to cocaine may find that cocaine rehab gives them the best opportunity of getting clean. Attempting to stop using cocaine on ones own after a person has become addicted can be extremely difficult. In some instances, it can even be impossible. A person can be so… Continue reading