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Your Drug Addiction Is Costing Poor People Their Lives

Your Drug Addiction Is Costing Poor People Their Lives
It's Martin Falls, an isolated reserve in Northern Ontario, where up to 80 per cent of the adults are addicted to oxycontin, and the community is currently struggling to fund its treatment programs that has successfully cut drug-related arrests from …… Continue reading

Watson: An Addict Asks for Less Stigma

Watson: An addict asks for less stigma
Last week's column described the drug-saturated life of an addict who started inhaling glue vapors regularly at the age of 13 and rapidly moved on to marijuana, cocaine, crack and heroin. … He had no choice but to join a treatment program and… Continue reading

Where Can I Find Drug (Crack Cocaine)tratment Rehab Centers/ Facilities in Nj?

Question by Anthony P: where can I find drug (crack cocaine)tratment rehab centers/ facilities in nj?

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Answer by im_really_teresa
Call your local hospitals. Carrier is a good hospital for that in NJ. But call the information department of your local hospitals they can direct you… Continue reading

Will Tennessee Legalize the New Jane Crow?

Will Tennessee legalize the New Jane Crow?
Tennessee passed a Safe Harbor Act last year that protected pregnant women from punishment for drug use during pregnancy if they completed a treatment program. Women ensnared by law enforcement under SB 1391 if it becomes law could still use this …
Read more… Continue reading

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction — Cocaine addiction is a very hard disease to rid your body of without the proper, professional addiction treatment program to help you. We are here to help yo…

Falls drug addict sentenced to treatment facility
Perry said she's been using drugs since she was 13 years old.… Continue reading

'Archer' Season 6: A Return to ISIS, the Wee Baby Seamus and Did Krieger

'Archer' Season 6: A return to ISIS, the wee baby Seamus and did Krieger
She can't stay addicted to cocaine forever, one assumes. No, she can't. We're still figuring out what … I think without the cocaine there — I'm just saying I wouldn't be shocked if Pam ate… Continue reading

Finance Worker Killed Ex-Girlfriend's Brother 'in Revenge for Being Dumped

Finance worker killed ex-girlfriend's brother 'in revenge for being dumped
… been drinking three bottles of wine a night. Morris also confessed to taking large doses of cocaine and had also been inhaling nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. … 'He told me he had taken four or five overdoses,' said… Continue reading

How Do I Stop My Addiction to Cocaine?

Question by d9: How do I stop my addiction to cocaine?

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Answer by Ben
dont buy any more if u dont got none u cant do none

Answer by Inspiration
im surprised you havent pawned your desktop/laptop to get cocaine.
go to rehab man best money you will… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Los Angeles Treatment Programs

Drug Rehab Los Angeles Treatment Programs — – Drug Rehab Los Angeles Treatment Programs. Find the best drug rehab Los Angeles California CA. Call 1-866-607-4063 for immediat…

LAPD Motorcyle Officer Dies Days After Being Struck By SUV
LOS ANGELES ( — An LAPD motorcycle officer who was struck by… Continue reading

A Friend Snorted Cocaine Last Night and Now One Eye Is Smaller Than the Other, It Looks Pushed Back. Why?

Question by Lee D: A friend snorted cocaine last night and now one eye is smaller than the other, it looks pushed back. Why?

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Answer by Give Me a HUG!
you probably snorted it too and haven’t recovered yet. Or if he’s saying that then he’s the one… Continue reading