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Neighbors Star Zac Efron Completed Secret Rehab Stint for Cocaine Addiction

Neighbors Star Zac Efron Completed Secret Rehab Stint for Cocaine Addiction

R?n ng??i nh?ng khuôn m?t b? tàn phá do tác h?i c?a ma túy
Nh? m?t h?i chuông c?nh báo t?i nh?ng ng??i s? d?ng ma túy, t? ch?c phòng ch?ng ma túy Rehabs m?i ?ây ?ã tung… Continue reading

Who Sings This Song Shes Like Cocaine Heroin Alcohol Vicodin Shes My Addiction?

Question by chastityfryback: who sings this song shes like cocaine heroin alcohol vicodin shes my addiction?
i want to put on my myspace heard it on radio and want to know who sings it

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Answer by Tisa

Answer by shannon… Continue reading

Is Crack Cocaine Addictive?

Question by Arthur S: Is crack cocaine addictive?
Someone told me crack cocaine is in baking soda, so I ate some baking powder and I was high but I don’t want anymore so I don’t think it’s addictive.

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Answer by pearl_hoff
yes very addictive but it… Continue reading

Zac Efron’s Rehab Stint Reportedly for Cocaine, Not Alcohol

Zac Efron’s Rehab Stint Reportedly for Cocaine, Not Alcohol — Zac Efron looked great on the red carpet for his new movie, after a stint in rehab, according to online gossip websites. Online gossips are reporting today t…

State takes its time with lists of suspected ineligible voters
27 after… Continue reading

After Davina McCall Says She Doesn't Drink as It Will Lead to Drugs – Here's

After Davina McCall says she doesn't drink as it will lead to drugs – here's
Zac Efron may been known as the High School Musical smoothy, but he checked into rehab for cocaine abuse, and Ben Affleck had a stint in rehab in 2001, and managed to quit drinking.… Continue reading

Judge Relieves B.C. Man From Mandatory Prison Time

Judge relieves B.C. man from mandatory prison time
Judge Joseph Galati made the ruling in sentencing longtime offender Joseph Ryan Lloyd, 25, who was convicted on three counts of possession of small amounts of crack cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin for the purpose of trafficking. … “If you look in …… Continue reading

How to Get Over Addiction?

Question by karaoke742000: how to get over addiction?
besides going to meetings is there any vitamins or medication to take for getting over cocaine addiction?

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Answer by It’s Me
Stop smoking/snorting/injecting it and you will get over your cocaine addiction eventually.

Answer by Richyrich
Stop being a hippie.… Continue reading

David Lee Edwards Won $27m Powerball Jackpot. a Decade Later He Died Broke

David Lee Edwards won m Powerball jackpot. A decade later he died broke
A few months later Shawna's mother asked the state to intervene and put her in involuntary care after dozens of rehab attempts had failed. In 2004 Edwards himself asked a judge to commit Shawna to a rehab… Continue reading

Zac Efron Collapsed After Overdosing on Rx Drugs?

Zac Efron Collapsed After Overdosing on Rx Drugs? — It was revealed that Zac Efron went to rehab twice for a drug problem, so now obviously the sad stories are coming out of the woodwork. Like Us on Facebook!:…

Lindsay Lohan and Mom Do Cocaine Together? Actress Blasts New Reports… Continue reading

What Is Drug Rehab…..?

Question by : What is drug rehab…..?

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Answer by patricia
It’s a place where people go who have a dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol,prescription drugs,and street drugs such as cocaine,heroin,amphetamines,to get clean or break their dependency on these drugs
Hope this helped!

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