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Record Number of Ohioans Die From Heroin Overdoses

Record number of Ohioans die from heroin overdoses
Martin has been charged with three counts of child endangering, possession of drug abuse instrument needle and possession of drug paraphernalia for the heroin capsules, burnt spoon and tourniquet. She is scheduled to appear in Middletown Municipal …
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Zac Efron Now Dating Neighbours Co-Star Halston Sage

Zac Efron Now Dating Neighbours Co-Star Halston Sage
The 26-year-old actor, who sought treatment in rehab for cocaine addiction twice last year, recently began dating his 'Bad Neighbours' co-star after meeting her on the set of the upcoming comedy. A source told E! News: "They are definitely an item …… Continue reading

Pot-Coloured Glasses

Pot-coloured glasses
A man in an emerald dress shirt held a green and white yes on 64 sign. He walked … According to a report by the Rocky Mountain High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, Colorado teens, by 2012, were 50% more likely to use marijuana than their peers in …
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Test Positine for Cocaine?

Question by mmajor59: test positine for cocaine?
i never use cocaine. but tests postive.

Best answer:

Answer by pattiscricket
maybe your just lying to everyone that you are a user. get help before its to late.

Answer by Beautiful
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How Long Do Cocaine Addicts Usually Stay in Rehab?

Question by Genevieve: How long do cocaine addicts usually stay in rehab?
My brother’s cocaine addiction is getting really bad and my uncle was able to my brother to agree going to rehab. I know it’s good and all he’s going to get cleaned up but that means moving out… Continue reading

The Secret Lives of a Drug Dealing Mom, Soldier and Law Student

The Secret Lives Of A Drug Dealing Mom, Soldier And Law Student
The posts also reveal the sometimes conflicted feelings the dealers have about drug use and dealing. Although Americans' illegal drug preferences have changed over time, their spending has remained steady — to the tune of about $ 100… Continue reading

Investigators Point to Shortfalls After Sierra Tucson Suicide

Investigators point to shortfalls after Sierra Tucson suicide
Despite multiple Sierra Tucson staffers being aware of the call, investigators said it was not properly documented in the patient's medical record, his risk level was not reassessed nor was his treatment plan updated "to reflect this significant change …
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Doug Camilli: Winslet Retreats After Titanic Estate Battle

Doug Camilli: Winslet retreats after titanic estate battle
Don't ask why he was in that part of town; don't mention his two trips to rehab last year for cocaine and booze trouble. The punch he took “was the h ardest I've ever been hit in my life,” Efron reportedly told… Continue reading

Our Growing List of Litanies

Our growing list of litanies
The relevant ministries must train teachers to identify signs of abuse in children under their charge (from inattention to bruises to poor grades and absences), employ psychologists and sociologists, to support the children and their parents in every …
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Brekkie Wrap: Hoarder Missing for Two Weeks Found Dead Under Rubbish

Brekkie Wrap: Hoarder missing for two weeks found dead under rubbish
IN SHOWBIZ NEWS … Orlando Bloom says he wants his son with ex Miranda Kerr Flynn to grow up “at home" in the UK. Zac Efron's friends are concerned the actor is using drugs again, amid reports he never… Continue reading