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Lady Gaga Getting Engaged?

Lady Gaga getting engaged?
The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker – who was admitted for medical treatment on Tuesday (04.15.14) after suffering a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics – admits she is frustrated at having cancelled two gigs on her 'Bangerz' tour and can't wait to check …
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Without Stats, Police Find It Hard to Address Heroin Epidemic

Without Stats, Police Find It Hard To Address Heroin Epidemic
According to data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of drug overdoses in the U.S. has grown at a staggering pace — only motor vehicle accidents are a larger cause of accidental deaths in the country.… Continue reading

Shocking Video Shows the Devastating Physical Toll Drugs Take

Shocking video shows the devastating physical toll drugs take
The photographs show American users of cocaine, heroin, oxy-codone and crystal meth in various stages of addiction. The before shots all show healthy-looking individuals prior to their becoming … will see number continue to rise. The mug shots show …
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Can Amphetamine Abuse Cause Long Term Damage to Your Heart?

Question by Katie 123: can amphetamine abuse cause long term damage to your heart?
Hello, Over the last couple of years I have used drugs regularly- however have decided to stop and have not used any for a couple of months. I used a variety of drugs such MDMA, cocaine,… Continue reading

Prednisone Withdrawal Symptoms in Dogs

Prednisone withdrawal symptoms in dogs
May inhibit erythromycin metabolism, according to the prednisone withdrawal symptoms in dogs surveys. A few drawbacks, when temptation her the important. I have a son struggling with recovery from cocaine addiction. The direct intracellular mediator of …
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$kiP- Use Headphones Pt. IV

$ kiP- Use Headphones Pt. IV — THIS IS A JOURNEY INTO MUSIC AND SOUND Trapped in a nightmare and the nightmare’s your life Your sick, undead, dying, beneath skin is like: A staple, A butch…

Recovering addict recalls day he overdosed
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Question by EZ: cocaine..?
What does cocaine do to you and what happends to kids like 12-15 years old?

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Answer by BigChiefYambag
Cocaine makes your wiener fall off. Don’t try it.

Answer by dlmrgnk
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Born in Prison, She's Back Behind Bars on a Mission

Born in prison, she's back behind bars on a mission
She took crystal meth and heroin, committed armed robbery and cash machine schemes, and even used her body to smuggle cocaine-filled balloons across the country. What caused her to ditch “the bad life, while I still have a life …… Continue reading

Cops Find Cocaine-Filled Condoms Addressed to the Vatican – New York Post

Cops find cocaine-filled condoms addressed to the Vatican – New York Post

The Guardian
Cops find cocaine-filled condoms addressed to the Vatican
New York Post
German customs officials intercepted a shipment of cocaine destined for the Vatican in January, weekly Bild am Sonntag reported Sunday. Officers at Leipzig airport… Continue reading

Cocaine Use Is Going to Pot – MarketWatch

Cocaine use is going to pot – MarketWatch

Cocaine use is going to pot
Although the individual patterns of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and crystal meth abuse have changed dramatically over the past decade, Americans still spend more than $ 100 billion a year on these drugs, a… Continue reading