Signs Of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine-Related Emergencies

Cocaine-related emergencies — Several thousands of cocaine-related emergencies are reported in Europe every year, representing a considerable burden on services. In this POD, the EMCDDA s…

Brain Differences in College-Aged Occasional Drug Users
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Methamphetamine Withdrawal and Methamphetamine Detox

Methamphetamine Withdrawal and Methamphetamine Detox — Methamphetamine Withdrawal and Methamphetamine Detox – dial 800-303-2938 for help with meth withdrawals or met…

Thank Anti-Vaxxers for Lyme
I recently wrote about the rise and fall of LYMErix™ (also summarized here, the only medical product ever withdrawn from the market not because… Continue reading

Has Anyone Experienced/seen a Cocaine Overdose?

Question by gucciandlouis: Has anyone experienced/seen a cocaine overdose?
What are the signs or sypmtoms?This is a serious question/serious answers please. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by ehsanbanat
Never had it….Never will…

Answer by Lisa
i have never witnessed one but i have heard that they go ballistic and then… Continue reading

Am I Addicted to Cocaine?

Question by : Am I addicted to cocaine?
I tried coke for the first time last night and now I feel kinda anxious and just generally “down”. Is this just the normal come down after the high or is it the first sign of addiction. Also, I have… Continue reading

Suffer From Cocaine Abuse Southern California Residents?

Suffer from cocaine abuse Southern California residents? — If cocaine abuse is taking over your life in Southern California, we can help. Cocaine abuse Southern California can go hand in hand with psychiatric disorde…

Police Blotter: Arrests; 00 stolen from a vehicle; Suspect allegedly tries
Police Blotter: Arrests; $… Continue reading

Is My Boyfriend Using Cocaine?

Question by : is my boyfriend using cocaine?
so ive been in a relationship for a little over 2 years. about a year ago i noticed my boyfriend changing…he finally told me he was using crack/cocaine. i dont know if he is still using or not. someone please… Continue reading



Celtics Fans Feeling Lucky? Why You Shouldn't When It Comes To The NBA
But just two days after the selection was made, Bias was dead after a cocaine overdose. A promising young star had lost his… Continue reading

AIDS Patients Flock to Obamacare

AIDS Patients Flock to Obamacare
Early drug claims suggest exchange plan enrollees are sicker than average, but experts say it's too early to draw conclusions about the impact on premiums. Offering a first glimpse of the health care needs of Americans who bought coverage through …
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Lamar Odom — BACK in the NBA!! Suiting Up for Knicks

Lamar Odom — BACK IN THE NBA!! Suiting Up for Knicks
Odom's been out of the league all season … as no team would take a chance on him after he went on a debilitating (and expensive) crack cocaine binge last summer, got a DUI … and ended up getting… Continue reading

Signs of Drug Usage Please Help?

Question by unknown88: Signs of drug usage please help?
I’ll give you some examples of what’s going on with someone I know. You can say what you think the drugs are or give examples of drugs usage signs or advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
1. Former drug user… Continue reading