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Addiction Treatment Locator – Addicted to Heroin or Cocaine. Can I Drink Anyway?

Addiction Treatment Locator – Addicted to Heroin or Cocaine. Can I drink anyway? — Addicted to heroin or cocaine. Can I drink alcohol. There is no try, said Yoda, there is only do. No you cannot drink alcohol. There are proven studies of th…

Parents shared drugs, trouble
Maldonado was… Continue reading

Addiction Treatment and Addiction Help Through Hypnosis

Addiction Treatment and Addiction Help through Hypnosis — Hypnosis has helped many people get past their addictions. Addiction treatment is a hard thing to go through recovery from a…

Lives 'left in ruin' by rising tide of depression drugs
“None of the drugs I was prescribed made me feel… Continue reading

What Is Drug Rehab Like?

Question by pond: What is Drug Rehab like?
My Mom just entered an inpatient rehab program today and I am just curious about what it is like. She has been addicted to cocaine for the past 8 months.

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Answer by Benzino
residential drug treatment facilities are all diferent… Continue reading

Bienvenue en Louisiane: The Prison Effect

Bienvenue en Louisiane: The Prison Effect
… over the past 20 years. According to Blueprint Louisiana (a statewide citizen's group on reforms in criminal justice and education) “only 37 percent of offenders in Louisiana have been convicted of violent crimes…and the average sentence for drug …
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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction — Cocaine addiction is a very hard disease to rid your body of without the proper, professional addiction treatment program to help you. We are here to help yo…

Falls drug addict sentenced to treatment facility
Perry said she's been using drugs since she was 13 years old.… Continue reading

Hundreds Fill Cathedral for LAPD Officer's

Hundreds fill cathedral for LAPD officer's
Patrol · Use of Force · Vehicle Incidents · Women Officers · View All Research Topics · Video … "You took your time with me and treated me with tough love. You are my hero." Hundreds of people … Prosecutors allege that Qaneak Shaney… Continue reading

What Support Is There for Family Members of Someone Who Is Going Through Treatment for a Cocaine Addiction?

Question by cream: What support is there for family members of someone who is going through treatment for a cocaine addiction?

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Answer by kameo_44
go to counselling with them and also attend alanon meetings or group meeting at the counselling office their going to. you… Continue reading

Breeding Code Changes Anger Melton Animal Rights Advocates

Breeding code changes anger Melton animal rights advocates
“The government under Denis Napthine, a former veterinarian himself, must act and keep its promise to deal with illegal puppy farms.” The government's two-year review followed a pre-election promise to crack down on puppy farms and animal abuse.
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Anyone Know How to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms?

Question by Billy’s Wife: Anyone know how to ease withdrawal symptoms?
I was on pain management for five months. I was taking methadone, and I have been taken off of all of it. I am having a very hard time with the withdrawal. Anyone know how to make… Continue reading

Prometa and Cocaine Addiction: New Treatment

Prometa and cocaine addiction: New treatment — Prometa: an alternative outpatient program for cocaine addiction. Scientific evidence shows Prometa may be a breakthrough in addiction treatment. Cocaine add…

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