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Methadone Effects : Effects of Methadone Mixed With Other Drugs

Methadone Effects : Effects of Methadone Mixed With Other Drugs — When methadone is mixed with other drugs, it can cause adverse effects on the central nervous system. Find out how methadone can be lethal when mixed with al…

Chicago's Violence Tied to Policies of Rahm's Past
When the U.S.… Continue reading

What Are the Effects of Cocaine? (Read Details)?

Question by heartsandstars: What are the effects of cocaine? (Read details)?
My boyfriend and I are going through a rough patch (long story) and we broke up then today, 3 days later, we talked and he’d been doing coke all day for the last 3 days. We were talking on… Continue reading

Can Smoking Crack/cocaine Cause Hallucinations and Make You Hear Things?

Question by Henry T: can smoking crack/cocaine cause hallucinations and make you hear things?
if it can, is it possible for these effects to become permanent??

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Answer by zeldaslexicon
Yes and yes.

Cocaine, like other sympathomimetic drugs (meth, speed, etc) alters the uptake of certain neurotransmitters in the… Continue reading

Cocaine Info?

Question by a.star: cocaine info?
i need to know fact about for health can some one help me ??

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Answer by Sabrina

Answer by Jacob L

Chemical, medical,
or scientific name:

cocaine hydrochloride
Street names:
There are numerous slang terms for this drug,… Continue reading

We Have 152 Pounds of This a Year, and It's More Addictive Than Cocaine.

We have 152 pounds of this a year, and it's more addictive than cocaine.
A doctor is on a mission to educate this country about the dangers of sugar, which he has found to be 8 times more addicting than cocaine. We've become dependent on sugary foods and drinks… Continue reading

Effects of Cocaine? Please Help?

Question by Akbar C: effects of cocaine? please help?
my friend gave me a back of cocaine a few months back and just now i decided to try and snort a little.
i think i only took like a gram or two, but it feels kinda like burning in my… Continue reading

Help Preventing Thoughts Going Off on Wild Tangents?

Question by Ben: Help preventing thoughts going off on wild tangents?
I especially notice this problem when watching movies. I will catch myself thinking about something else when I was originally trying to focus on the movie. It makes it difficult in understanding what is going on in… Continue reading

What Causes Addiction?

Question by melon_rose: What causes addiction?

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Answer by Dave Yours Truly
Drug use or abuse crosses the line into drug addiction when you feel you have to have the drug, and you increase the amount of the drug you take. Various… Continue reading

Seeing Stars and Getting Lightheaded?

Question by R-$ : seeing stars and getting lightheaded?
sometimes after smoking crack cocainne I recieve a terrible headache and become dizzy and often see stars. A few days ago while on crack cocainne i fell down a set of subway stairs and hurt my shoulder. If I hold my… Continue reading

If I Try to Smoke Crack What R Some of the Symptoms ?

Question by Brandon H: if i try to smoke crack what r some of the symptoms ?

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Answer by X. marK.
Cocaine is both a central nervous system stimulant and a topical anaesthetic. It is found in the leaves of the Erthroxylum coca plant. The traditional method of… Continue reading