Cocaine intoxication

What Kind of Accident Caused My Telepathy?

Question by AxisofOddity: What kind of accident caused my telepathy?
Was it caused only by God and natural circumstances?

Or was it no accident at all?

Explanations, please.

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Answer by TechWriterDude
Explanation: You are a retard.

Answer by richard t
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Evans Mills Man Sentenced to Prison for Probation Violation

Evans Mills man sentenced to prison for probation violation
Angela R. King, 45, was sentenced to an unspecified amount of time served at the PSB and restored to probation after an admission in March 2013 that she violated probation by continuing to use cocaine and alcohol while under supervision. She… Continue reading

Health Educators Answer Substance Abuse Alcohol Poisoning

Health Educators Answer substance abuse alcohol poisoning — Alcohol poisoning is caused by heavy intoxication that results in difficulty breathing, swallowing and difficulty in managing the gag reflex. Learn how alcoh…

Darryl Howard and the rampaging prosecutor: Durham learns little from Duke
She also had cocaine in her system… Continue reading

Can Drug Abuse Be Misdiagnosed as Mental Illness?

Question by momfour: Can drug abuse be misdiagnosed as mental illness?
My son was diagnosed as having schizo-affective disorder. He had been abusing cocaine and marijuana. He suffered a pyschotic break. Is it possible this was a result of the drug abuse and not mental illness?

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Touchdown Terry

Touchdown Terry
At the entrance is an empty guard shack with a large blue sign: “EXPECT EXCELLENCE.” The cluttered campus is also the nerve …. “Somebody out there will be going”—he raises a finger to his nose and snorts three times, like he's doing bumps of cocaine …
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Why Is Cocaine Illegal but Caffeine Isnt?

Question by tosimple2xplain: why is cocaine illegal but caffeine isnt?
They both have similiar effects, in fact the only real difference I can see is that pure cocaine is slightly more toxic than pure caffeine. 3-4 cups of strong coffee back to back is enough to kill you… Continue reading

Is Cocaine Worse Than Ecstasy?

Question by Myles: Is cocaine worse than ecstasy?
anybody know?

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Answer by Doctor who
I’d have to say cocaine is worse I stopped that shit a long time ago but i am still a big ecstasy fan so i guess im not a good source :P

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Rob Ford Lands in LA to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel; Oscars Appearance Possible

Rob Ford lands in LA to appear on Jimmy Kimmel; Oscars appearance possible
Dressed as a chauffeur and holding a sign that read 'Ford,' Kimmel greeted the mayor as he entered the baggage area at the airport. “Let me take that for you – I'm your driver,” Kimmel told the… Continue reading

Aren’t Drugs Worse Than Alcohol? 20 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?

Question by Haily Wellington: Aren’t drugs worse than alcohol? 20 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
I am doing a class project in lanugage for “IF ALCOHOL SHOULD BE ILLIGAL LIKE NON PRECRIPTION DRUGS (SUCH AS COCAINE, CRAK, ECSTASY)” I picked that alcohol shoul still be LEGAL like it is now. I need help finding… Continue reading

Is This a Mental Illness?

Question by surfblue: is this a mental illness?
everytime i want to do something like
sign on facebook, eat anything, get distracted from my school work (watching tv, going for a walk, etc)

a voice in my brain says, no you can’t do that or your mom/dad/dog will die
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