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Can the Usage of Cocaine on a Daily Base Lead to Suicide?

Question by Shallow Grave: Can the usage of cocaine on a daily base lead to suicide?
Is there a possible link between suicide and the usage of cocaine?

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Answer by Aaron
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HELP I Always Get With a Bi Polar, Coke Head.?

Question by Straight Cat: HELP I always get with a bi polar, coke head.?
I’m 40 and had 2 kids with 2 bi polar crack heads. One was a hidden crack head prior to our 10 year relationship and the other turned in to one right after we… Continue reading

Record Number of Ohioans Die From Heroin Overdoses

Record number of Ohioans die from heroin overdoses
Martin has been charged with three counts of child endangering, possession of drug abuse instrument needle and possession of drug paraphernalia for the heroin capsules, burnt spoon and tourniquet. She is scheduled to appear in Middletown Municipal …
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Cocaine to Carrots #12: My Annoying Healthy Roommate

Cocaine to carrots #12: My annoying healthy roommate — Angelina shares her journey of how she lost 75 pounds, stopped doing lines, and learned to love herself. This is a 30 day video series. And this video is abo…

Youngstown pair arrested in Boardman on drug charges
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James Lewis of Agawam Pleads Guilty to 21 Charges From Multi-Jurisdictional

James Lewis of Agawam pleads guilty to 21 charges from multi-jurisdictional
… Lewis had been out of work and was suffering from depression. Lewis must serve two years probation after his jail term with the conditions he remain drug free with random screenings and get mental health and substance… Continue reading

Rob Ford: “I Do Not Use Crack Cocaine”

Rob Ford: “I Do Not Use Crack Cocaine”

Recovering heroin addict starting over — at age 21
In many ways, Cody Lewis represents the changing face of heroin in America. He is in 20s, lives in the suburbs and graduated to heroin after years of getting high with other… Continue reading

French Mali War Disrupts Europe’s Cocaine Supply: Smugglers Use Region to Transit Narcotics

French Mali War disrupts Europe’s cocaine supply: smugglers use region to transit narcotics — France’s intervention in northern Mali against Islamists has thwarted lucrative drug-running routes in the country and disrupted cocaine supply to Europe but…

DC mayoral nominee can't breeze to victory
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Cocaine-Filled Condoms Were Headed to Vatican

Cocaine-filled condoms were headed to Vatican
BERLIN (AP) — The drug haul was unremarkable, but the destination raised eyebrows. German customs officials intercepted a shipment of cocaine destined for the Vatican in January, weekly Bild am Sonntag reported Sunday. Officers at Leipzig …
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Public Records

Public Records
Diana I. Fisher, 54, last known address 150 W. First St., Lot 2, Buckeye Lake, was charged with one count each of aggravated possession of drugs, a second-degree felony; possession of drug paraphernalia, a fourth-degree misdemeanor; and possession of …
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Are There Any Drug Rehab Centers for Cocaine or Other Drugs That Are Not Alcohol That Have a Work Programs.?

Question by jnmacc2003: Are there any drug rehab centers for cocaine or other drugs that are not alcohol that have a work programs.?
Rehab centers that let you work and earn money which will be used to pay for your stay an treatment.

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