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Heroin Crisis Hits Home

Heroin crisis hits home
Fogal, who leads the drug task force, said this is partly due to a concerted effort by the county to crack down on the drug, but also because heroin is becoming a larger problem in the area. “The human toll heroin can take certainly puts it… Continue reading

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction — Cocaine addiction is a very hard disease to rid your body of without the proper, professional addiction treatment program to help you. We are here to help yo…

Falls drug addict sentenced to treatment facility
Perry said she's been using drugs since she was 13 years old.… Continue reading

Hundreds Fill Cathedral for LAPD Officer's

Hundreds fill cathedral for LAPD officer's
Patrol · Use of Force · Vehicle Incidents · Women Officers · View All Research Topics · Video … "You took your time with me and treated me with tough love. You are my hero." Hundreds of people … Prosecutors allege that Qaneak Shaney… Continue reading

Drug Rehabilitation Center Union New Jersey

Drug Rehabilitation Center Union New Jersey — http://newjerseyaddictionnetwork.com/ -As the final stage of our treatment program, the addiction treatment aims to use expert counseling,support groups and …

Rising above the addiction
He also founded the Herren Project, which sends addicts who can't afford help to treatment centers. In fact, he… Continue reading

Columbus Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Long-Term Residential

Columbus Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Long-Term Residential
Center staff members truly believe that if a person develops a solid life plan while in treatment, then the success rate of staying clean and sober rises. Columbus Alcohol Drug Rehab understands the need within its community to offer this level… Continue reading

Do Drug Addicts Still Smoke Crack Cocaine?

Question by Floyd R: Do Drug Addicts Still Smoke Crack Cocaine?
I witnessed many people in NYC that were addicted to crack cocaine in the late 80’s to mid 90’s, but I have not seen crack addicts in quite a few years. Is crack no longer popular amongst… Continue reading

Pay for Sex in the San Fernando Valley? the City May Have a Treatment Program

Pay for sex in the San Fernando Valley? The city may have a treatment program
Van nuys >> Regina began working the streets near downtown Los Angeles some 25 years ago after blowing the money she had for her baby's milk and diapers on crack cocaine. The 49-year-old was… Continue reading

Our View: Opioids' Ruinous Grip

Our view: Opioids' ruinous grip
The local prosecutor urged continued tough penalties for heroin and cocaine convictions, the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star reported, and dismissed a 28-day drug rehabilitation program the courts often divert users into as "a waste of time." But, more …
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Is Drug Rehab Effective for a Person With Addiction? and What Are the Services Offered by the Center?

Question by Mill Boon: Is drug rehab effective for a person with addiction? And what are the services offered by the center?
It’s because I want to enter my brother in a rehab center because of his addiction to cocaine. Also, can somebody give me an idea… Continue reading

My Father Can’t Function Without Cocaine. This Addiction Is Crushing Our Relationship.?

Question by olsvell: My father can’t function without cocaine. This addiction is crushing our relationship.?
My father can’t function without cocaine. This addiction is crushing our relationship. I am conflicted between wanting to help and fearing the consequences.

What should I do in this problem? I live in Chesapeake Ranch… Continue reading