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Can the Usage of Cocaine on a Daily Base Lead to Suicide?

Question by Shallow Grave: Can the usage of cocaine on a daily base lead to suicide?
Is there a possible link between suicide and the usage of cocaine?

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Answer by Aaron
First off let me say the use of any drug is… Continue reading

Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson 'Barred From US' After Admitting to Cocaine Use

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson 'barred from US' after admitting to cocaine use
The 54-year-old said last year she had taken cocaine around seven times but was not addicted as she gave evidence in the trial of two former personal assistants who were later cleared of fraud. But British police have… Continue reading

Study Finds Brain Changes in Young Marijuana Users

Study finds brain changes in young marijuana users
The findings, published Wednesday in the Journal of Neuroscience, come amid an increased debate about the long-term effects of marijuana, as a growing number of states legalize the drug for medicinal and recreational use. Forty Boston-area young adults …
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Is My Boyfriend Using Cocaine?

Question by : is my boyfriend using cocaine?
so ive been in a relationship for a little over 2 years. about a year ago i noticed my boyfriend changing…he finally told me he was using crack/cocaine. i dont know if he is still using or not. someone please… Continue reading

Monkeys & Cocaine: HSBC Money Laundering Case

Monkeys & Cocaine: HSBC money laundering case — Watch the full Keiser Report E379 here: In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at HSBC being fined rather than crimin…

Street theater in Mexico City's rough Tepito area
… represents the heart of Mexican identity, could be defined… Continue reading

I Am Addicted to Cocaine and Don’t Know What to Do?

Question by Russian Boy: I am addicted to cocaine and don’t know what to do?
I tried it two years ago…. Then did it maybe once every few months socially then moved out on my own with a roommate and started doing it on weekends then more and… Continue reading

What Are Some Sure Signs Someone Has Been Taking Drugs?

Question by Stan: What are some sure signs someone has been taking drugs?

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Answer by mrsd
Dilated pupils of the eye, red eyes, slurred speech, dizziness. unable to follow a conversation.

Answer by Sofa King
Breathing is a good indicator

Why is underage drinking targeted when… Continue reading

Nigella Lawson Barred From US

Nigella Lawson barred from US
The glamorous chef – who admitted during the fraud trial of her former employees last year that she had taken cocaine and smoked marijuana – was travelling alone on Sunday (03.30.14) and had cleared check in and security at London's Heathrow airport …
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Square Heroin

square heroin
In what appears at first to be a picture-perfect family in Vermont, there is a story of chronic addiction to prescription pills, heroin and crack cocaine. From the outside looking in, Justin Bemis is a typical man in his early 40s living with the …
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US Seizes $43M Worth of Cocaine Near Puerto Rico

US Seizes M Worth of Cocaine Near Puerto Rico
U.S. authorities in Puerto Rico have seized $ 43 million worth of cocaine off the island’s southeast coast. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Friday that more than 3,370 pounds (1,529 kilograms) of cocaine were found aboard a wooden boat …… Continue reading