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DXM Robotussin Cough Gels?

Question by maybe0123: DXM Robotussin cough gels?
About how many should I take to use as a recreational drug… i weight about 150-160/ or drink if its a liquid.

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Answer by genosgirl
drink the whole thing it won’t hurt ya. lol

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Obama Discusses His Use of Cocaine in a 2007 Interview

Obama discusses his use of Cocaine in a 2007 Interview — In October of 2007 an interview took place with the Concord Monitor paper. The audio clips have for the most part gone unheard. I hope this helps turn a few …

U.S. Launches Clemency Effort For Some Drug Offenders… Continue reading

President Obama Commutes Crack Cocaine Sentences

President Obama Commutes Crack Cocaine Sentences
“While street drugs like crack cocaine are clearly unsafe, for nonviolent offenders, treatment should always be considered an option,” said Pax Prentiss, CEO of Passages Addiction Treatment Centers. “Our treatment team has helped thousands of …

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Why the GOP Is Ready to Go Easy on Drug Offenders

Why the GOP Is Ready to Go Easy on Drug Offenders
But if you look at surveys on who uses drugs, whites and blacks and Hispanic use at about the same rate. … In 2010, President Obama signed the Fair Sentencing Act into law, shrinking the disparity between crack and… Continue reading

Heroin Addiction Strikes High and Low, and the Socially Disadvantaged 'Junkies

Heroin addiction strikes high and low, and the socially disadvantaged 'junkies
For many that relationship becomes all-consuming with a range of harmful consequences, including impact on family, friends and colleagues, none of which deter continued use. Not everyone chooses the same drug. People tend to be attracted to one… Continue reading

Obama at Odds With Drug Czar Over Dangers of Pot

Obama at odds with drug czar over dangers of pot
Recent comments President Obama had made that marijuana use is “no more dangerous than alcohol” are in complete opposition with the opinion of his own hand-picked drug czar. In an interview with The New Yorker, Obama said: “As has been… Continue reading

How Can Marijuana Be a Schedule One Drug?

Question by Dylan: how can marijuana be a schedule one drug?
so it more harmful than alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine? tell me how. its mentally addictive just like video games and food addiction, but the alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine are physically addictive and the alcohol and cocaine can cause an… Continue reading

Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee Please Answerrrrrr?

Question by Dsgdsg S: ayeeeeeeeeeeeee please answerrrrrr?
alright. first off im fourteen and i used to be on zoloft, but now i am on lexapro. well, a few days ago i smoked like a blunt n a bowl i think (it was like my second time) n i mean… Continue reading

Cocaine and Drug Affected Babies 1217


Cocaine and drug affected babies 1217 – drug affected babies, birth defects.


Browning Cursillo with Native Americans

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A painting portraying St. Kateri Tekakwitha is seen during a Mass of thanksgiving celebrated in honor of her Oct. 21 at the Shrine of Our… Continue reading

What Do You Think of My Article? HARMD More Harm Than Good?

Question by DynoDiKk: What do you think of my article? HARMD more harm than good?
Methadone and Harmd. Is Harmd doing more harm?
I am here to write my opinion on HARMD. This means; “Helping America Reduce Methadone Deaths”.
Although their intentions might be good or in their own… Continue reading