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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Question by sunshine92: Is marijuana addictive?
I just wanted to know because different people have said very different things and I really don’t know who to believe. I also want to know what’s in it that makes it addictive (if it is).

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Answer by skillet.
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Iron Sheik Mad Rob Ford a No Show for Meeting Ahead of Doc Premiere

Iron Sheik mad Rob Ford a no show for meeting ahead of doc premiere
Vaziri credits the Magen brothers, who are seen in the doc, with helping revive his career and overcome his battle with addiction. The twins said Vaziri, who knew their father, was like a “childhood hero” to… Continue reading

Corning Police: 2 Charged After Traffic Stop Uncovers Drugs, Cash

Corning Police: 2 charged after traffic stop uncovers drugs, cash
Two people were arrested Monday afternoon after a traffic stop on East Pulteney Street uncovered heroin, cocaine and cash, Corning City Police reported. The driver of the vehicle, Matthew D. Phenes, 28, of 1166 W. Church St., Elmira, was charged… Continue reading

Lucas County Commissioners, Other Officials Address Prescription Drug Abuse

Lucas County Commissioners, other officials address prescription drug abuse
In the United States more than 15 million people abuse prescription drugs – more than the combined number who reported abusing cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants and heroin, according to national health statistics compiled by county officials. Every day …
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HELP I Always Get With a Bi Polar, Coke Head.?

Question by Straight Cat: HELP I always get with a bi polar, coke head.?
I’m 40 and had 2 kids with 2 bi polar crack heads. One was a hidden crack head prior to our 10 year relationship and the other turned in to one right after we… Continue reading

Signs of Drug Usage Please Help?

Question by unknown88: Signs of drug usage please help?
I’ll give you some examples of what’s going on with someone I know. You can say what you think the drugs are or give examples of drugs usage signs or advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Study: High Living Keeps You Thinner

Study: High living keeps you thinner
"This is the strongest evidence to date that moving to high altitude provides long-term obesity protection," Air Force Capt. Jameson Voss, the study's lead author and a doctor, said in a news release. Dr. Leslie L. Clark, … Before you move to Denver …… Continue reading

Rob Ford: “I Do Not Use Crack Cocaine”

Rob Ford: “I Do Not Use Crack Cocaine”

Recovering heroin addict starting over — at age 21
In many ways, Cody Lewis represents the changing face of heroin in America. He is in 20s, lives in the suburbs and graduated to heroin after years of getting high with other… Continue reading

Vanity Fair Takes on the Supertall Towers of 57th Street

Vanity Fair Takes On the Supertall Towers of 57th Street
6) "[Gary Barnett], took me to the topmost penthouse [of One57] on an exceptionally cold, clear day early this year, and the view of the park was nothing like what I was used to from windows 30 or 40 floors… Continue reading

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to Stay on – New Latest News

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to stay on – New Latest News — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has vowed to stay on and run for re-election next year, dismissing calls he resign after admitting he smoked crack cocaine. Earlier, M…

Killers Among Us | 'Vision' led to woman's body, little… Continue reading