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There Was Nothing Pedestrian About One Edward P Weston

There was nothing pedestrian about one Edward P Weston
Doctors back two GPs who want cannabis use legalised. One of the Victorian and … The feat was described by the Royal Society as "the greatest recorded labour that any human being has ever undertaken without injury", and was part of… Continue reading

Baby Bottle Pop Cocaine Symptoms?

Question by robert: baby bottle pop cocaine symptoms?
my friend just sniffed sugar from a baby bottle pop and got an allergic reaction and his eyes are all red and he is sneezing any advice

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Answer by abj_killadj
its not an… Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan's 10 Biggest Bombshells: From Her Tragic Miscarriage to Cocaine

Lindsay Lohan's 10 biggest bombshells: From her tragic miscarriage to cocaine
This probably isn't the best way to defend serious drug use, after arguing that people are wrong for thinking she's taken it "so many times". Speaking to … She blasted: "Please James, say your line as you're walking… Continue reading

True Barrier to Marijana Legalization Is Social Stigma

True barrier to marijana legalization is social stigma
Let's be real — they were probably drunk (or maybe on cocaine), yet people say marijuana is the “gateway” drug. Really? Some drunk people will try almost anything. You don't even have to dare them. … The money being wasted could be… Continue reading

A Fix for Heroin: Harsher Penalties

A fix for heroin: Harsher penalties
Secondly, if they are going to spend more money to fix this problem, it should go to strengthen law enforcement to catch the dealers and cut off the supply of the drug. Of your so-called noncontroversial proposals in the current bill – treatment …… Continue reading

Obama Administration Plans Clemency for “Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands” of

Obama Administration Plans Clemency for “Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands” of
WASHINGTON, DC — A White House official said this week that President Obama is prepared to use his pardon power to grant clemency to “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of people who have been jailed for nonviolent drug crimes. The report said… Continue reading

Study Finds Brain Changes in Young Marijuana Users

Study finds brain changes in young marijuana users
The findings, published Wednesday in the Journal of Neuroscience, come amid an increased debate about the long-term effects of marijuana, as a growing number of states legalize the drug for medicinal and recreational use. Forty Boston-area young adults …
Read more on Boston… Continue reading

Weird Symptoms After Minor Cocaine Use?

Question by : Weird symptoms after minor cocaine use?
Last Sunday I did a line of cocaine. It was really just a line and is definitely not habitual for me. The effect of it lasted way to long. Four hours later I still… Continue reading

List the Weithdrawal Effects of Cocaine? Want 10 Points?

Question by Melissa: list the weithdrawal effects of cocaine? want 10 points?
I need 5-8 wiothdrawal; effetcs of cocaine.


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Answer by SUZE H
Cocaine withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to:

intense craving for the drug
extreme… Continue reading

At Hearing, Too-Familiar Tales of Heroin's Grip

At hearing, too-familiar tales of heroin's grip
Rochester used to be a cocaine town, but heroin has arrived like a tornado. The drug is so … Drescher told a harrowing story of helping her son detox at home recently and last week spending $ 38,250 to place him in a… Continue reading