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Baby Bottle Pop Cocaine Symptoms?

Question by robert: baby bottle pop cocaine symptoms?
my friend just sniffed sugar from a baby bottle pop and got an allergic reaction and his eyes are all red and he is sneezing any advice

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Answer by abj_killadj
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What Is Worse – Occasional Cocaine Use or Alcoholism?

Question by PB n J: What is worse – Occasional cocaine use or alcoholism?

I know both are terrible, this is kind of to prove a point to a friend of mine
Any like facts or statistics would be great.

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Answer by Nasr
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New York Struggles With Heroin Overdoses

New York struggles with heroin overdoses
Some states, including New York, are reporting a rise in heroin use as many addicts shift from costly and harder-to-get prescription opiates to this cheaper alternative. A look at what's happening in New York: THE PROBLEM: … The New York City …
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Whitney Houston on Crack Singing the US National Anthem

Whitney Houston on crack singing the US National Anthem — Alcohol and crack taken together can be deadly. Side Effects of Crack Use by Whitney Houston: While crack is creating a feeling of exhilaration in the user, …

If stillbirth is murder, does miscarriage make pregnant women into criminals?
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Whitney Houston Cause of Death Revealed | BREAKING NEWS

Whitney Houston Cause of Death Revealed | BREAKING NEWS — http://www.TheLivingGuru.com – cause ofWhitney’s death established. The Living Guru contemplates on Whitney Houston’s cause of death, and on the larger purpo…

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?
Alcohol and drug use can progress into abuse and even addiction… Continue reading

Extra Points: Weak QB Market May Spark Interest in Freeman

Extra Points: Weak QB market may spark interest in Freeman
And, in the end, the "leaking" of Freeman's inclusion in an NFL drug program by someone in the Tampa Bay organization — while undeniably dirty pool — also turned out to be true. In a statement at the time, Freeman… Continue reading

Whitney Houston Cause of Death Accidental Drowning Autopsy Reveals

Whitney Houston Cause Of Death Accidental Drowning Autopsy Reveals — vine. Following the Whitney Houston Autopsy, Dr. Reef Karim breaks down the prescription medication and cocaine abuse that led to accidental drowning. Connec…

Alternative Medicine: Hidden parasite may be your problem
There is a problem that is affecting 80 percent… Continue reading

How Long Would It Take Cocaine to Destroy Your Septum in Your Nose With Occasional Use?

Question by agubna: How long would it take Cocaine to destroy your Septum in your nose with occasional use?
I fear for one of my friends. He only does it about once a month or so, no more. But i’m just wondering how long it would actually take… Continue reading

Whitney Houston Coroner: Star Drowned After Cocaine Use and Suffered Heart Disease

Whitney Houston Coroner: Star drowned after cocaine use and suffered heart disease — A coroner’s inquest into the death of Whitney Houston has found she died accidentally shortly after taking cocaine, and was suffering heart disease. Report b…

Nyack resident, 26, arrested with crack cocaine, police say
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Whitney Houston Drowned After ‘Cocaine Use’

Whitney Houston drowned after ‘cocaine use’ — A coroner in Los Angeles has ruled that Whitney Houston’s death was caused by drowning drowning but said her ‘acute’ use of cocaine was also a factor.

Reed meets public at Hopewell Town Hall
Reed blamed frivolous government spending as a main contributor… Continue reading