Cocaine Addiction

Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson 'Barred From US' After Admitting to Cocaine Use

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson 'barred from US' after admitting to cocaine use
The 54-year-old said last year she had taken cocaine around seven times but was not addicted as she gave evidence in the trial of two former personal assistants who were later cleared of fraud. But British police have… Continue reading

What Support Is There for Family Members of Someone Who Is Going Through Treatment for a Cocaine Addiction?

Question by cream: What support is there for family members of someone who is going through treatment for a cocaine addiction?

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Answer by kameo_44
go to counselling with them and also attend alanon meetings or group meeting at the counselling office their going to. you… Continue reading

Bill to Protect Babies Could Put Them at More Risk

Bill to protect babies could put them at more risk
… abuse is one of the most despicable of crimes imaginable. Gov. Bill Haslam is being asked to make a King Solomon-like decision on a bill that would allow women to be charged with assault if they abuse narcotics while… Continue reading

'Archer' Season 6: A Return to ISIS, the Wee Baby Seamus and Did Krieger

'Archer' Season 6: A return to ISIS, the wee baby Seamus and did Krieger
She can't stay addicted to cocaine forever, one assumes. No, she can't. We're still figuring out what … I think without the cocaine there — I'm just saying I wouldn't be shocked if Pam ate… Continue reading

Dog Fighting Bust in Nashville Today Results in Seizure of Over Three Dozen Dogs

Dog fighting bust in Nashville today results in seizure of over three dozen dogs
Nashville police said the dogs came to their attention during a drug investigation involving suspected distribution of cocaine and heroin. When they went to serve search warrants on that investigation, they saw the dogs in the… Continue reading

Justice Department Prepares for Clemency Requests From Thousands of Inmates

Justice Department prepares for clemency requests from thousands of inmates
For about two decades, strict sentences were imposed on offenders convicted of trafficking or possession with intent to traffic crack cocaine in the belief that the substance was more addictive than powder cocaine, inexpensive and linked to violent crime.
Read… Continue reading

Brazile: States Outpace Congress in Common-Sense Reform

Brazile: States outpace Congress in common-sense reform
Fifteen years ago, in Tallahassee, a federal judge sentenced Stephanie George, 27, the mother of two children, to life imprisonment without parole for possession of a half-kilogram of cocaine that her boyfriend (without her knowledge, she claimed) hid …
Read more on Pekin… Continue reading

What I Should to Help Me Please the Withdrawn of Roxicet?

Question by JULIE G: What I should to help me please the withdrawn of Roxicet?

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Answer by glen f
What do should withdrawn help. First,with begin start taking don’t.

my husband… Continue reading

The Beautiful Game in Brasil: Photography by Christopher Pillitz

The Beautiful Game in Brasil: Photography by Christopher Pillitz
His one addiction “when you hear it [ball hitting the net] you spend the whole of the next week longing to hear it again,” Huntelaar told “It's like the elixir of life.” Louis van Gaal, current … Opting to prematurely… Continue reading

Why Can’t I Stop Using Cocaine 4+ Times a Week?

Question by : Why can’t I stop using cocaine 4+ times a week?
I have been using cocaine for the past year 4-7 times a week, depending on my money. Although I use cocaine I still work, own a house, car, family, buy stuff, go out, go gym take pride… Continue reading