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What Effects Does Cocaine Have on the Body?

Question by : What effects does cocaine have on the body?
I have always wondered about it. I have read somewhere that it enhances your personality. How does it enhance your personality? Also what if your an asshole?

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Answer by daisythecow
Short-term cocaine effects include:
Increased… Continue reading

Geoff Huegill Apologises for “commotion” After Allegedly Being Caught With Cocaine – Sydney Morning Herald

Geoff Huegill apologises for “commotion” after allegedly being caught with cocaine – Sydney Morning Herald

The Guardian
Geoff Huegill apologises for "commotion" after allegedly being caught with cocaine
Sydney Morning Herald
Former Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill has apologised to anyone he has let down after he and his wife were… Continue reading


Question by ahopef3: addiction?
can someone be addicted to Adderall.?
How do you know your addicted?

I’ve been doing that and other pills, and my friends have been telling me that I’m addicted to them, but I don’t think I am.

( I’m not prescribed to any of… Continue reading

True Barrier to Marijana Legalization Is Social Stigma

True barrier to marijana legalization is social stigma
Let's be real — they were probably drunk (or maybe on cocaine), yet people say marijuana is the “gateway” drug. Really? Some drunk people will try almost anything. You don't even have to dare them. … The money being wasted could be… Continue reading

I Have a Small Problem With Health. I Have High Blood Pressure at Just Age of 25 Please Give Me the Solution.?

Question by suresh_prajapati41: i have a small problem with health. I have high blood pressure at just age of 25 please give me the solution.?

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Answer by onasteewest
im 22 and have high blood pressure, let me guess its not a… Continue reading

What Are the Effects of Cocaine? (Read Details)?

Question by heartsandstars: What are the effects of cocaine? (Read details)?
My boyfriend and I are going through a rough patch (long story) and we broke up then today, 3 days later, we talked and he’d been doing coke all day for the last 3 days. We were talking on… Continue reading

What Happens if You Overdose on Slimming Pills ?!?

Question by Jenna H: What Happens If You Overdose On Slimming Pills ?!?
my sisters friend recently broke up with her boyfriend and he started calling her about her weight, he upset her that much she overdosed on slimming pills,

if you know please can you tell me what could… Continue reading

Can Amphetamine Abuse Cause Long Term Damage to Your Heart?

Question by Katie 123: can amphetamine abuse cause long term damage to your heart?
Hello, Over the last couple of years I have used drugs regularly- however have decided to stop and have not used any for a couple of months. I used a variety of drugs such MDMA, cocaine,… Continue reading

What Happens in an Overdose?

Question by abstraktfists: What happens in an overdose?
My cousin and best friend passed away yesterday from an overdose so serious answers only here please.

He overdosed from shooting up coke and possibly meth. What happens to the body and what would he have experienced? I don’t know a lot… Continue reading

Can Cocaine Use Raise Blood Pressure Permanently?

Question by buford blue: Can cocaine use raise blood pressure permanently?

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Answer by Brian
Long term cocaine effects are noticeable as cocaine abuse continues and tolerance builds. Since cocaine is a highly addictive drug, it can lead to major medical complications and health problems. Some of… Continue reading