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How to Live Next to a Cocaine Addict Who Refuses Help and Terrorizes Your Life?

Question by flowermilltree: how to live next to a cocaine addict who refuses help and terrorizes your life?

its my husbands brother and my husband seems to be handling it, but i am slowly loosing my mind!

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Do Young People Realise That MORE People in the US Will Die This Year From Prescription Drug Abuse This Year..?

Question by future fate: Do young people realise that MORE people in the US will die this year from Prescription Drug abuse this year..?
…than from “Street” drugs?
That means Oxycontin, Zanex, and anti-depressants will kill MORE people this year than Heroin, Meth and Crack Cocaine! Try to wrap your… Continue reading

Zac Efron Now Dating Neighbours Co-Star Halston Sage

Zac Efron Now Dating Neighbours Co-Star Halston Sage
The 26-year-old actor, who sought treatment in rehab for cocaine addiction twice last year, recently began dating his 'Bad Neighbours' co-star after meeting her on the set of the upcoming comedy. A source told E! News: "They are definitely an item …… Continue reading

Hep C Treatment and Using Drugs?

Question by Eric E: hep c treatment and using drugs?
My buddy has hep c and is going for pegetron treatment, the problem is he won’t stop using cocaine. If there is anybody who would know the consequences of this, please write here as he has been reseraching on yahoo… Continue reading

North Portland Raid Yields Cocaine, Heroin, 2 Arrests – KOIN.com

North Portland raid yields cocaine, heroin, 2 arrests – KOIN.com

North Portland raid yields cocaine, heroin, 2 arrests
(KOIN) – Portland police apprehended two suspect drug traffickers and seized cocaine, heroin and marijuana during a raid at a North Portland home early Wednesday morning. Fifty-two-year-old Hansen… Continue reading

Has Anyone Beaten Cocaine Addiction Here?

Question by James: Has anyone beaten cocaine addiction here?
I’m 22 done it around 200 times since 20 trying to stop. Seeing psychologist but still hang with friends who use and deal. Is it possible to kick it? Looking for helpful insight thanks.
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Can You Put Someone in Rehab Against Their Will? — Northbound Treatment Services

Can you put someone in rehab against their will? — Northbound Treatment Services — If you have a loved one suffering from addiction, call today to discuss treatment options livingsober.com http://bit.ly/1b9y7YU, 877-889-0324 Scott Graham In…

Vice President Joe Biden Not High on Marijuana Legalization
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President Barrack Obama Used Cocaine “Here & There” in His Youth

President Barrack Obama Used Cocaine “Here & There” In His Youth — Fox News clip President Barack Obama Used Cocaine “Here & There” In His Youth Please join my community facebook page (copy and paste): www.facebook.com/StopL…

Obama to Commute More Drug Sentences
Because crack users tended to be poor and… Continue reading

Cocaine Addiction Treatment (888) 978-4179


Cocaine Addiction Treatment (888) 978-4179 – Cocaine Addiction Treatment – Looking for Cocaine Addiction Treatment? Call (888) 978-4179 for Cocaine Addiction Treatment. Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a …


Call & Post Ohio Police Blotter

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How Do I Control My Addictions?

Question by Spider L: how do i control my addictions?
This may seem silly, but I have an addiction to a certain soda. I recognize that this “addiction” is linked to what’s going on in my life, like dealing with rejection, failure, sadness, or just general blah, so I’m… Continue reading