Cocaine Symptoms

Weird Symptoms After Minor Cocaine Use?

Question by : Weird symptoms after minor cocaine use?
Last Sunday I did a line of cocaine. It was really just a line and is definitely not habitual for me. The effect of it lasted way to long. Four hours later I still… Continue reading

Popularity of Molly Has Sparked Conversation at UNC, Nationwide

Popularity of Molly has sparked conversation at UNC, nationwide
Britta Starke, the programs director and addictions therapist for UNC Hospital's Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program, said people who have come in for using Molly are all between the ages of 17 and 23. She added that Molly is not usually… Continue reading

How Do Overdoses Work?

Question by : How do overdoses work?
So im usually careful but I took 2 prescription drugs (valium and dilaudid) after taking cocaine. and i do I know you’re not supposed to take any of these together. Im usually very careful, but tonight (technically last night) I wasn’t.

Without going… Continue reading

12 Week Pregnancy Vlog: Symptoms, Cravings, Pain & Constipation

12 Week Pregnancy Vlog: Symptoms, Cravings, Pain & Constipation — October Favorites: ? How we surprised our family we’re pregnant: ? Subscribe to my vlog AprilJustinT…

Walpole officials: Curbing drug use takes a village
With pictures of drug raids and seizures in town, Carmichael familiarized parents with signs of… Continue reading

How to Treat the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

How to Treat the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal — Alcohol Withdrawal Help to people who want to stop drinking Learn about alcohol tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. View more information, or take an alcohol …

Women drug arrests fill Latin American prisons
Most are addicted to paco or coca paste, a… Continue reading

Cocaine Problems? How Bad Will the Withdrawal Be? (I Know I Need to Stop Using and I Will!)?

Question by : Cocaine Problems? How bad will the withdrawal be? (I know I need to stop using and I will!)?
So I’ve been on and off a cocaine binge since Friday morning at 9:30am (it’s now Tuesday morning at 3:23am), I didn’t use Saturday morning but I was shaky… Continue reading

My Brother Is on Drugs, Help Me Identify What Drugs?

Question by miss. diva: my brother is on drugs, help me identify what drugs?
my brother has been into cocaine b-4 also had been useing marajuna 2 a while, he also is an acholic….

he is on something new and i need help finding out what new drug he is… Continue reading

Alcohol & Substance Abuse : How Long Do Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

Alcohol & Substance Abuse : How Long Do Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Last? — Withdrawal symptoms of alcohol use can last anywhere from a few hours to 10 days, and severe alcoholics can enter into a period of psychosis that lasts for d…

After cancer, surgery, come forgiveness and gratitude
Every… Continue reading

Is It True Ritalin Is Chemically Similar to Cocaine and Adderall Is Chemically Similar to Methamphetamine?

Question by : Is it true Ritalin is chemically similar to cocaine and Adderall is chemically similar to methamphetamine?
I currently take Adderall for ADD (it works well for my symptoms) and am slightly curious/concerned. I used to take Ritalin and it didn’t work as well. I take it for… Continue reading

Six Health Problems Marijuana Could Treat Better Than Traditional Medicine

Six health problems marijuana could treat better than traditional medicine
Twenty states have so far legalized the medical use of marijuana, and researchers are starting to look at how, exactly, patients can put those laws to the best use. There's a burgeoning field of … Sisley wants to study marijuana… Continue reading