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Increased Drug Consumption in Inhambane, Passive Police Response

Increased Drug Consumption in Inhambane, Passive Police Response
The effect on your body is the same as a diesel-powered car; just look at the smoke exhaled". Some people we spoke to that have …. We side with the police. Inhambane has a lot of drug consumption. We have young people… Continue reading

My Brother Is on Drugs, Help Me Identify What Drugs?

Question by miss. diva: my brother is on drugs, help me identify what drugs?
my brother has been into cocaine b-4 also had been useing marajuna 2 a while, he also is an acholic….

he is on something new and i need help finding out what new drug he is… Continue reading

How Much Cocaine Is Too Much?

Question by Mike: How much cocaine is too much?
In your opinion, how much cocaine in one night/sitting is doing too much? For example if a new user of cocaine snorted 3 grams in 2 hours, is that a lot? Tell me what binging on cocaine does to your body… Continue reading

The Dangers of Cocaine?

Question by : The dangers of cocaine?
What are the dangers of cocaine and what kind of high does it make you

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Answer by Dr Morrison

Answer by The
It makes you feel invincible, and can make it very difficult to control yourself. Which… Continue reading

What Are Some Common Long Term Side-Effects From Taking Methylphenidate (Ritalin/Concerta)?

Question by God of Dreams: What are some common long term side-effects from taking methylphenidate (Ritalin/Concerta)?

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Answer by DB84
I believe that it gave me depression, OCD, and anxiety. It appears that no long-term studies have been done in humans on the mental health effects associated with long-term… Continue reading

I Have a Small Problem With Health. I Have High Blood Pressure at Just Age of 25 Please Give Me the Solution.?

Question by suresh_prajapati41: i have a small problem with health. I have high blood pressure at just age of 25 please give me the solution.?

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Answer by onasteewest
im 22 and have high blood pressure, let me guess its not a… Continue reading

The Top 12 Most Shameless Moments

The Top 12 Most Shameless Moments
A still freshly current moment from Season 4, Fiona committed spectacular career and relationship suicide when she let lovably bland Mike's older, drug-addicted brother tap into her own addiction for sex with complete morons. Robbie is the kind of guy …
Read more on… Continue reading

Mugshots Show the Horrifying Effects of Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth

Mugshots Show The Horrifying Effects Of Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth
Rehabs.com, the creators of the viral "Faces of Meth" infographic, have followed-up with a new project that, in addition to meth, shows how oxycodone, heroin, and cocaine affect a user's appearance. All of these drugs can lead to weight… Continue reading

Dr. Oz: End Food Addiction for Weight Loss, and Radical Cancer Remission

Dr. Oz: End food addiction for weight loss, and radical cancer remission
Dr. Durvasula said food addicts are like cocaine addicts who use food for the dopamine "high" they get after eating. Dr. Ramani said you're a food addict … Do you have withdrawal symptoms when you don't eat your… Continue reading

My Neighbor, the Methadone Clinic: Part III

My Neighbor, The Methadone Clinic: Part III
While this may be true for a percentage of addicts, none of the patients I met with at the START Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Fort Greene fit into this stereotype. College graduates, social workers, parents, … Wearing large hoop earrings and a… Continue reading